MV Encinal

The MV Encinal is a passenger ferry boat in the San Francisco Bay Ferry fleet. It was retired from service in 2018 and was replaced by MV Hydrus. While in operation, it typically served the Alameda Ferry and Oakland Ferry routes.

It has a capacity for 395 passengers, 20 bikes and is wheelchair accessible. It features two passenger decks, onboard restrooms and a snack and drink bar.

The MV Encinal was built by Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, a shipbuilding and ship repair company in Freeland, Washington, at a cost of $2.1 million. It began ferry service in 1985.

The vessel has two DD Series 400 engines and uses a propeller for propulsion. It can reach a service speed of 23 knots (26.5 miles per hour).

The MV Encinal is constructed from aluminum, measures 27.4 meters in length and has a gross tonnage of 96 tons. It is fueled by Bio Diesel B5 and has a fuel capacity of 5,400 gallons.

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