MV Pyxis

MV Pyxis is a Pyxis Class passenger ferry owned and operated by San Francisco Bay Ferry. It frequently serves the Vallejo Ferry route. It has capacity for 445 passengers, 24 bikes, features onboard restrooms, snacks, drinks and WIFI, and is wheelchair accessible.

The vessel was built by Dakota Creek Industries at a cost of $23 million. It began service in 2019.

It uses two MTU 16V4000 EPA Tier 4 engines and two Hamilton HT810 water jets for propulsion. The Pyxis can reach a service speed of 34 knots (39 miles per hour).

The MV Pyxis measures 44 meters in length and its hull is made of aluminum. It runs on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and has a fuel capacity of 4,400 gallons.

Pyxis, pronounced “pik-sis,” is named for a small constellation in the southern sky. The constellation’s full name – Pyxis Nautica — is Latin for a mariner’s compass.

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