AC Transit Line 78 Ending in August

The AC Transit Line 78 pilot bus service will not be extended beyond August 2023, the AC Transit Board of Directors voted on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.

The Alameda Seaplane Lagoon ferry terminal was opened in August 2021, and, in conjunction, AC Transit began piloting Line 78 with the sole purpose of connecting crosstown riders with the terminal.

According to a new report by AC Transit, however, ridership on Line 78 is very low, with most passengers not even using the bus service for trips to or from the terminal. The line averages about 8.7 passengers per hour, which is nearly 55% less than the average ridership for AC Transit’s other crosstown bus routes. One of the primary reasons for low ridership is the ample free parking around the terminal, giving most passengers no reason to take the bus service.

Once Line 78 service ends, and with no replacement service decided on, the nearest bus stop to the Alameda Seaplane Ferry will be the Line 96 stop which is nearly a half-mile away at West Atlantic Avenue and Orion Street.