MV Kennewick

MV Kennewick is a Kwa-di Tabil class auto and passenger ferry operated by Washington State Ferries, a child department of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

It was built in Seattle, Washington in 2011 and has capacity for 748 passengers and 64 vehicles.

Kennewick measures 273 feet 8 inches in length with a beam of 64 feet and a draft of 11 feet.

It is powered by two diesel engines that can generate a total of 6,000 horsepower and reach a service speed of 15 knots.

The main passenger deck is equipped with ADA accessible restrooms. An ADA compliant elevator is available from the auto deck to all passenger deck levels.

Other amenities on the vessel include a galley and vending machines on the main passenger deck.

MV Kennewick is named for the Sahaptin plains dialect word meaning “winter paradise”, “winter haven”, “grassy place”, or “grassy slope”.

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