Fort Ticonderoga Ferry

The Fort Ticonderoga Ferry, also known as Ticonderoga Ferry or Fort Ti Ferry, is a passenger and auto cable ferry between Ticonderoga, New York, and Shoreham, Vermont.

Fort Ticonderoga Ferry Schedule

The Fort Ticonderoga Ferry runs from May through October and operates between the hours of 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Departures from the Fort Ticonderoga ferry terminal are approximately every 20 minutes, and it can complete approximately three round trips every hour.

The following table shows the estimated departure and arrival times for the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry.

Depart Ticonderoga, NYArrive Shoreham, VTDepart Shoreham, VTArrive Ticonderoga, NY
7:00 AM7:07 AM7:10 AM7:17 AM
7:20 AM7:27 AM7:30 AM7:37 AM
7:40 AM7:47 AM7:50 AM7:57 AM
8:00 AM8:07 AM8:10 AM8:17 AM
8:20 AM8:27 AM8:30 AM8:37 AM
8:40 AM8:47 AM8:50 AM8:57 AM
9:00 AM9:07 AM9:10 AM9:17 AM
9:20 AM9:27 AM9:30 AM9:37 AM
9:40 AM9:47 AM9:50 AM9:57 AM
10:00 AM10:07 AM10:10 AM10:17 AM
10:20 AM10:27 AM10:30 AM10:37 AM
10:40 AM10:47 AM10:50 AM10:57 AM
11:00 AM11:07 AM11:10 AM11:17 AM
11:20 AM11:27 AM11:30 AM11:37 AM
11:40 AM11:47 AM11:50 AM11:57 AM
12:00 PM12:07 PM12:10 PM12:17 PM
12:20 PM12:27 PM12:30 PM12:37 PM
12:40 PM12:47 PM12:50 PM12:57 PM
1:00 PM1:07 PM1:10 PM1:17 PM
1:20 PM1:27 PM1:30 PM1:37 PM
1:40 PM1:47 PM1:50 PM1:57 PM
2:00 PM2:07 PM2:10 PM2:17 PM
2:20 PM2:27 PM2:30 PM2:37 PM
2:40 PM2:47 PM2:50 PM2:57 PM
3:00 PM3:07 PM3:10 PM3:17 PM
3:20 PM3:27 PM3:30 PM3:37 PM
3:40 PM3:47 PM3:50 PM3:57 PM
4:00 PM4:07 PM4:10 PM4:17 PM
4:20 PM4:27 PM4:30 PM4:37 PM
4:40 PM4:47 PM4:50 PM4:57 PM
5:00 PM5:07 PM5:10 PM5:17 PM
5:20 PM5:27 PM5:30 PM5:37 PM
5:45 PM5:52 PM
Fort Ticonderoga Ferry Schedule

Fort Ticonderoga Ferry Fares

The following fares are currently in effect for the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry.

TicketOne-Way FareRound-Trip Fare
Ten Trip Commuter Card$90
Cars, Pickup Trucks, Vans$12$20
Adults (12 & Over)$4$8
Seniors (65 & Over)$3$6
Children (6 – 12)$2$4
Children (under 6)FREEFREE
Motorcycle + Driver$7$14
Trike + Driver$10$20
Motorcycle Trailer$3$6
Bicycle + Adult$5$10
Bicycle + Child$3$6
Large trucks, RVs, Trailers, Vans, BusesSubject to sizeSubject to size
Fort Ticonderoga Ferry Fares

Payment forms accepted

Cash or check are the only acceptable forms of payment. Credit cards or debit cards are not accepted on the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry.

Fort Ticonderoga Ferry History

The Fort Ticonderoga cable ferry has been carrying passengers and vehicles across Lake Champlain since 1759. However, it was not always a cable ferry.

In 1800, the ferry began using a double-ended sailing scow as its vessel allowing it to traverse the lake in both directions. It was equipped with a sail that could be completely swung around when needed to reverse direction.

In the 1870s, the sailing scow was decommissioned, and a steam ferry took its place. And in the 1880s, the steam ferry barge named Ethan Allen was the vessel making the crossing.

Finally, a cable system was installed in 1946, and a World War I surplus pontoon barge named Fort Ticonderoga began ferry service in 1949. It was replaced in 1959 by a 94-ton barge named Ticonderoga II and was powered by Ethan Allen, a converted tugboat. Addie B replaced the Ethan Allen in 1979 and still powers the Ticonderoga II across the lake today.

Fort Ticonderoga Ferry FAQs

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