Dispatchers and Students Get an Inside Look at Washington State Ferries Operations

This update covers the following news and updates related to the operations of Washington State Ferries (WSF).

  • A dispatch team visited the Edmonds-Kingston ferry route to familiarize themselves with the vessels, which helps them to dispatch crews to ferries effectively.
  • Salish Coast Elementary School students also toured the Port Townsend-Coupeville ferry route to learn about ferry operations.
  • McMurray Middle School students sent gifts to show their appreciation to WSF staff at the Fauntleroy and Vashon ferry terminals.
  • Spring sailing schedules go into effect on Sunday, March 26, 2023.
  • The latest WSDOT Gray Notebook report highlights the need for WSF to focus on preservation as the vessel preservation backlog has increased significantly in recent years.

Edmonds-Kingston Ferry Route Receives Visit from WSF Dispatch Team

A team of dispatchers from WSF visited the Edmonds-Kingston ferry route for a tour aboard the MV Puyallup to gain familiarity with the vessels. Dispatchers play a critical role in deploying ferry crews, and their understanding of the vessels is vital. Whenever a crew member is unable to report to work, the small dispatch team works tirelessly to fill relief requests by making numerous phone calls. Despite their behind-the-scenes efforts, without the dispatch team, WSF would not be able to provide the essential service to its customers.

Salish Coast Elementary School Students Tour Port Townsend – Coupeville Ferry Route

WSF welcomed 20 first-grade students from Salish Coast Elementary School and their chaperones for a tour of our Port Townsend-Coupeville ferry route. The students had the opportunity to visit the pilothouse of MV Kennewick while sailing through Admiralty Inlet.

Students from Vashon Island Send Gifts to Staff at Fauntleroy and Vashon Ferry Terminals

WSF staff at the Fauntleroy and Vashon terminals, which serve the Fauntleroy-Vashon ferry route, received a delightful and surprising token of appreciation from the students of McMurray Middle School. The students gifted artwork, handwritten notes, and treats to express their gratitude towards WSF staff for helping them commute to and from school on Vashon Island.

New Spring Sailing Schedule Effect Sunday, March 26, 2023

Starting from Sunday, March 26, 2023 WSF will begin operating their spring sailing schedule. The change in season only impacts the Anacortes-San Juan Islands Ferry route, where WSF will resume daily four-boat service similar to last fall. Vehicle reservations are open for the Anacortes/San Juan Islands and Port Townsend/Coupeville runs until June 17, which is when the spring sailing schedule ends.

Latest WSDOT Gray Notebook features annual report on vessels and terminals

The 88th edition of WSDOT’s Gray Notebook features WSF as one of its main highlights.

The latest issue includes an annual report on the condition of WSF vessels and terminals, and emphasizes the need to focus on preservation in the years ahead.

Notable results from the Ferries section of the report shows that the vessel preservation backlog has increased by 29.3% from $208.6 million in fiscal year 2018 to $269.7 million in fiscal year 2022, only 43% of the WSF fleet (nine of 21 vessels) was in a state of good repair at the end of fiscal year 2022, and 93.6% of terminal assets were in a state of good repair.