MV Jessica W

The MV Jessica W is a high speed passenger ferry vessel serving the Cross Sound Ferry route between New London, Connecticut and Orient Point in Long Island, New York as well as the seasonal Block Island Express ferry route between New London, Connecticut and Block Island, Rhode Island.

The Jessica W measures 160 feet in length (49 meters). It is powered by Caterpillar high-speed EPA Tier 3 diesel engines allowing it to reach a cruising speed of 35 knots (40 miles per hour).

The vessel is equipped with patented T-Foils and Intercepts from Maritime Dynamics giving it a smooth ride even in poor sea conditions.

Other amenities include a full service deli serving snacks, beer, wine and cocktails as well as air-conditioned interior passenger decks featuring modern airline-style seating.

An outside passenger deck allows passengers to view the sights and scenery during crossings.

The boat was built in 1990 and began service in 1991 for Condor Ferries, a United Kingdom based ferry and freight operator. It was purchased by the Block Island Express ferry service in 2003 and was renamed to Jessica W.

The MV Jessica W is named for co-owner of Block Island Express Jessica Wronowski, sister of Adam Wronowski.

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